Super Mario 3 : Mario Worker

Super Mario 3 : Mario Worker 2.5

Mario levels creator
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It's your turn to try and stop Mario from reaching his snotty little princess. Create your own levels using as man as 40 monster and 100 block, then share them with your friends or the people from the Internet and see if they can complete it.

Mario Worker is a free-classic Mario Bros remake but this time you're a level and scenario creator. You have many elements ready to use in own level, 40 enemies, 100 blocks, many scenarios, many options and prefs. You can send levels and share them with other players.

Many items, blocks, enemies and goodies. Join to Mario Forever society and get fun with it! Characteristics: + Edit Levels + Edit scenarios + Many placable blocks + Many placable enemies + Many scenery elements ready to tune up your levels.

Editor Options
Tiles to create level
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